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The woven shoe, our main product

Pons Quintana’s star product, the “woven shoe”, is born at the end of the 60’s and applied to a fashionable shoe but setting their own and unique style. The traditional weave, very technically evolved, keeps alive the craftsmanship culture, joining the present day with the past via its design. This genuine, comfortable and unique model is one of the singular most popular and attractive emblems of our brand.

The first great success of the woven shoe collection takes place at the GDS in Dusseldorf in 1987, to be precise. It was a big step in opening the doors of the international market for Pons Quintana. Then in 1990, with the incorporation of new technologies and more than 100 workers in the factory, there is a large increase in productivity and the definitive consolidation of the brand towards the international market.

The result is a shoe with personality, different and of high quality. Pons Quintana continues to back this model, with the aim of offering its clients a special, genuine and comfortable shoe during the summer seasons.