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fabrication and braiding

The manufacturing process of Pons Quintana begins with the selection of high quality materials. They use genuine leather and other durable materials to ensure the excellence of their products. Once the materials are obtained, they go to the cutting phase, where the necessary parts for each product are cut.

After cutting, we proceed to sew the different parts of the footwear. The artisans at Pons Quintana carry out this process with meticulousness and skill, making sure that the seams are resistant and aesthetically pleasing. The stitching can be done by hand or using specialized machinery, depending on the model and the details required.

The most distinctive feature of the brand is the braiding . Pons Quintana braids are elaborate and sophisticated, with unique designs that reflect local tradition and crafts.

For braiding, leather strips are carefully intertwined to create specific patterns and designs. The company's skilled artisans perform the braiding by hand, following traditional techniques passed down from generation to generation. The process requires skill and precision to obtain the desired patterns.

Extensive quality checks are carried out to make sure that each model meets the standards of excellent parts. The shoes are inspected to ensure that there are no imperfections, since each piece is treated individually and by hand, and that they meet the highest quality requirements both in terms of finish and comfort.

In summary, Pons Quintana carries out a meticulous and artisan manufacturing process to create its collections. From the selection of quality materials to the braiding and joining of the parts, each stage is carried out with care and attention to detail to offer top quality footwear and traditional craftsmanship.