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The firm Pons Quintana was created in 1953 in Alaior, Menorca. In its beginnings, it focused on the manufacture of children's footwear. It was in the year 1956 when the production of slippers was incorporated. At first, Pons Quintana only offered this model of footwear for women. It was later, when he also offered them for men. Putting on shoes at home, with the appearance of his famous “slippers”, represented a new concept of comfort and image.

The current factory was built in 1968, incorporating more modern machinery for the assembly and manufacture of its product.

From the year 1975, the first commercial contacts with Europe began. At the beginning of the eighties, the incorporation of the next generation takes place, remaining in charge of its founder, Mr. Santiago Pons Quintana. Italian and French designers are also joining this new project. Pons Quintana begins to outline a definitive and international product line.

In 1990, with the incorporation of new technologies, the great Pons Quintana family increased, with more than one hundred employees in the factory. All this entails a significant increase in productivity and the definitive consolidation of the brand.

In these years of progress and prosperity, when its founder, Santiago Pons Quintana, retired, a new generation of businessmen took over, led by his children, Magda and Santiago, who since then have been responsible for the current image and daring bets of the signature.

Pons Quintana defines itself, today, as a firm open to the world.